Brother Knights, wives & widows

This has been a busy month. On September 5th we had our installation of officers and the turnout for officers was excellent. District Deputy Michael Subasic took charge and as usual made us all feel very proud. Thank you Bro. Michael.

Our general meeting was the next day and it was a little longer in order to cover our summer months. Thank you all for your patience.

We said goodbye to Kevin and Heidi Lopresti, which turned out to be a very pleasant afternoon and now we try to carry on as usual. It’s not easy to lose a Brother Knight like Kevin, however we will pick up the slack and find five or six knights to replace him. We wish them every bit of good fortune and I am sure we will see them again. Thank you Kevin and Heidi.

Please keep Father Paul in your prayers and his exceptional friend whom he grew up with, Father Xavier. He passed away after a very serious stroke. Father Paul was with him in Vancouver when he died and is now on his way to India where Father Xavier will be put to rest. He was only 53 years old.

We have had two football games so far this month and a third one coming up on the September 29th. These games are our fundraiser and we need all the help and support we can get. These funds are also very lucrative for our council. Thank you to all who have been helping so far this year. We have only three games to go.

Brother Mike Driscoll continues to do a great job with our gift cards and will also have Charities Appeal tickets available for sale at the church after all Sunday masses. Any brothers who can help with the sale of tickets for this worthy cause, would be welcome to sit with Mike at any of the weekend masses. Tickets should be available at Monday’s general meeting. This will also be a great opportunity to sell Grey Cup tickets at the same time. Thank you Brothers.

On September 16th we celebrated our annual Lorne Dowling Bursary awards and were very fortunate to meet these young students who were so well deserving of their individual award. Our guest speaker was Dr. Peter Baltutis from St. Mary’s University. He spoke very well and as an assistant professor at the University his remarks were a very excellent indication of why he is where he is. Thank you again, Dr. Baltutis. Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed this entertaining evening. My thanks to the ladies not just for their attendance but for all they do for us Knights.

On Monday Brother Henry Feddema will speak on a special event that happened this week and something that we can all be proud of. My special thanks to Brother Dan Barth who was such a great help to me this month and for the help he will be giving to our newest Lecturer, Brother Issac Bernard.
I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on October 2nd.

Vivat Jesu
Dave Allen
Grand Knight