My Brother Knights:
Greetings to you.

Time has come for me to say good-bye to you all. I take this wonderful opportunity to thank all the Brother Knights, with your families, for your love and concern shown to me as your parish priest. I know you will always support your priest. I admire your dedication, sacrifice, love and service for St. Cecilia’s parish community and to our Council 4878. I appreciate your enthusiasm and love shown for various charities especially for the vocation to the priesthood. May God bless the Council 4878 Brother Knights and your families. I’ll always remember you in my prayers and the Holy Eucharist.

In a society which values personal freedom and autonomy, it is easy to lose sight of our dependence on others as well as the responsibilities that we bear toward them. This emphasis on individualism has even affected the Church, giving rise to a form of piety, which sometimes emphasizes our private relationship with God, at the expense of our calling to be members of the redeemed community. Yet from the beginning, God saw that “it is not good that man should be alone (Gen 2:18).” We were created as social beings who find fulfillment only in love — for God and neighbour. If we are to truly gaze upon Him, who is the source of our joy, we need to do so as members of the people of God. If this seems counter -cultural, that is simply further evidence of the urgency for a renewed evangelization of culture.

This is a little thought for you to show concern, trust, and confidence in each other …Thus seeing your good deeds many young men will join your council to be at the service of the community.

God bless you all

Fr. Leo Felix Monroe SA