Pope Francis Prayer Intentions for January 2020

Promotion of World Peace:  We pray that Christians, followers of other religions and all peoples of goodwill may promote peace and justice in the world.


The plumbing at St. Cecilia’s Church seems to be NO FRIEND of the Knights.  For the second straight year the Knights and ladies had to put up with flood waters while cooking the sausages and pancakes for St. William and St. Cecilia schools.

This time, rather than a back up of water, a pipe burst in the east kitchen which flooded that kitchen, the main kitchen, the main hall and part of the north inside of the church.  Water was turned off at 6:30 AM throughout the whole church building for at least five hours and Bro. Knights used snow shovels, squeegees and mops to clear the water outside.

Trays ready to be delivered to St. William’s School.

To maintain our delivery schedule of providing 1200 sausages and pancakes we borrowed water from the Francis Klein Centre.  Hopefully, as we cook the sausages and pancakes for St. Matthew’s School our water problems will not occur.

My sincerest appreciation to ALL our volunteers who came through this very difficult time.  We kept our schedule for the school delivery times.

Also thank you to Society of St. Vincent DePaul ladies for providing oversized bags of pancake mix that were too large for their hampers. 

All our Johnsonville sausages were purchased on sale at Safeway with parish gift cards provided by Bro. Mike Driscoll so again we saved twice on the purchasing.

Our next cooking event —- the Stampede Breakfast.



In his message for the 27th World Day of the Sick, Pope Francis urges believers to promote a culture of generosity, noting that the joy of generous giving is a barometer of the health of a Christian. Pope Francis says that those who care for the sick and give of themselves with generosity and straightforward love – like St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta – are amongst the Church’s most credible evangelizers. In his message for the World Day of the Sick, which will be celebrated on 11 February, the pope focuses on Jesus’s words to the Apostles: “You received without payment; give without payment” (Mt 10:8). Established in 1993 by Saint John Paul II on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes, a different city is chosen each year to host the World Day of the Sick. This year the choice has fallen on Calcutta in India, and Pope Francis has highlighted the figure of Saint Teresa of Calcutta as a model of charity who made God’s love for the poor and sick visible.

At St. Cecilia we will again be sponsoring a continental breakfast for parishioners, volunteers and Pastoral Care workers for World Day of the Sick on Sunday, February 10th, following the 11 AM mass.

Again I am asking for help from our Brother Knights and ladies for the preparatory work of setting up tables and chairs, cutting pastries and organizing trays, making coffee and taking care of any other incidentals that need attention.  Purchases will be done ahead.  Please contact Danny at 403-278-4347 if you can help.


The night of Tuesday, February 22 about 14 people showed up for the council’s Lecturer Night. The show was Leo Bunz with a Video and short talk on St. Mary’s University College and Ray Khuller with a short video and talk on the Wheelchair Foundation of which he is now State Chairman.
3 people took sponsorship forms to sponsor wheelchairs for the needy at $150.00 each. I thanked the council for voting at the last meeting to sponsor 3 wheelchairs with a cheque from remaining casino funds in the amount of $450.00.


[slickr-flickr tag=”2011FreeThrow”]

The council free throw event was held on Tuesday, December 21st, 6:00 pm at St. Matthew School. We had 25 participants, up 5 from last year. The main reason we had more participants this year  is that we held the competition before the school’s basketball season got underway.

This year we gave our host school, St. Matthew School, a set of soccer balls instead of the usual basketballs. Taking a look at the basketball bin, we saw plenty of Knights of Columbus basketballs. So, I’m sure Mr. Pilon, the principal at St. Matthew School, was happy to receive something new.

Thanks to the  following volunteers for making the event a success:

  • Bro. Henry
  • Bro. Kevin
  • Bro. Jim (Digger)

Bro. Greg