“You are an Ambassador of the living God”

 Greetings Brothers and Fellow Ambassadors,

I call you ambassadors because as the very definition of a knight is a “protector of a kingdom for a “Lord”. We as Knights of Columbus are not only considered protectors of ways and values of our Lord’s kingdom, but we are also called to be ambassadors for that kingdom. It would be a great honour to be an ambassador for a country like Canada; representing its power and capabilities to other countries. As knights, we have an even greater honour to represent the power and capabilities of our living God. “When you have an opportunity to speak for him, you can rightly say, “I have the privilege of announcing the mighty and heroic deeds of the living God, who has called me into his service”.

“Because you are in Christ, you have glorious privileges that include union with God, access to the Father, spiritual sacrifices, security, holiness, illumination and compassion. What greater honour can there be than to proclaim the excellence of the one who has granted you such marvellous privileges”.

As we go about our daily interactions, let us always be vigilant to the fact that being a knight is not just a title; it is a way of life learned and taught by word and example and reflected always to be a strength and influence to others.

May God bless you and the many works of the Knights of Columbus; lluminate your paths as ambassadors to his kingdom.

Andy Haynes

Grand Knight

Council 4878