Greetings Brother Knights:

 Greetings and welcome back from hopefully a well-deserved summer rest. As we start a new this fall, I first would like to thank and congratulate all those newly elected and re-elected to executive positions within our council. I have no doubt that with new inspiration and existing experience working together, we will have an exiting and productive year.

This summer when I was not working at a job, I spent a considerable amount of time in a small antique tractor repair shop in the middle of the Alberta countryside surrounded by rusting equipment and machinery of decades past, machinery that was once used to forge and mould this land into what we now know as Alberta. As I worked away, my mind would wonder, as it often does, and would think about the stories that these relics could tell if only they could with anachronisms of ages, fragile yet strong enough to withstand the test of time. As I pondered these things, I was reminded of an individual very much like us, fragile, yet unlike us withstands time: Jesus, our Lord the Master of all things. Think of the vast knowledge acquired over ages. There are lessons of what works and what is proven as a sure path to disaster from the chapters of mankind’s history of free will. It is said that knowledge is empowering. Why? Because it provides us with the tools necessary to safely and securely navigate the path that God has chosen for us and maximizes our effectiveness doing his will. 

Brothers, this year I propose that we challenge ourselves to take more time to listen to each other and listen to God’s guidance. With the strength of you my brothers and God’s guidance, we as men of God will continue to be a strong force in the face of adversity.  Here is to the beginning of another great year.

As always, may God bless you and keep you safe Andy Haynes, G.K. Council 4878