Father Paul, our Chaplain, is still away on holidays in India with his family. With this cold weather I envy him in that warm climate. I do not wish to act as your chaplain but I would like to share.

Last Wednesday the Seniors were gathered in the upstairs auditorium of our church enjoying their usual fun morning of cards. I was passing through the group to go to another door when Bro. Don Hunter called to me. He wished to purchase a Knight’s rosary and the prayer card that goes with it. I went to the Knight’s closet and retrieved a rosary and card for him. He said it was for someone close to him and because he was interested in the rosary, Bro. Don thought it would be nice if it would be a Knight’s rosary.

What does this illustrate? It is often said that being a Knight is a vocation. Knighthood is called to be an evangelist, not by preaching but simply living one’s life by example the principles of CHARITY, UNITY FRATERNITY AND PATRIOTISM. In this case the moment of evangelization came simply by Bro. Don reaching out to someone who showed an interest in the rosary. Who knows what the outcome will be!!
To the extent that we are able to commit ourselves to renewing our own faith, I believe we will be able to keep our council strong, vibrant and growing, well into the year ahead.

Lastly – don’t forget to ask. A new member more often than not is only a smile, a friendly word or a pancake away.
Dan Barth,