Brother Knights

We begin with the Memorial Mass at St. Luke’s Parish on Thursday, November 9th celebrated with Bishop McGrattan. This Memorial, I thought, was very well attended and my deepest thanks to Sir Knight Frank Gerritsen and all the Fourth Degree Knights dressed in their finest regalia and representing all knights so well. This mass was expected to be special and it certainly was. Council 4878 was well represented by not only our Knights, but also our ladies and widows. Thank you to all who attended.

On the 11th of November we celebrated Remembrance Day Mass. Once again I express my thanks to Sir Knight Frank Gerritsen and all the Fourth Degree Knights who also attended in their finest regalia. My thanks to Father Henry Rosenbaum for celebrating this mass with such great respect for all those who were being remembered for the sacrifices they made on our behalf. Brother Dan Barth was again very instrumental in this mass taking place and the words he spoke and the presentations he prepared for us all reminded us why it is so important to continue honouring Remembrance Day. Thank you Brother Dan for your commitment to this very special day.

Our Lecture Night on Monday, November 20th, was on the topic of recycling regarding our church and how to implement it. Our Knights, ladies of the Catholic Women’s League and a number of other groups from our church listened to a very entertaining and informative talk from the City of Calgary’s spoke person, Laura Hamilton. She was prepared with a short video on little known facts regarding the disposal of our garbage, of which approximately 88% is classified as recycling or composting. We will follow up on this information with a plan to be announced in the near future. Thank you to our Lecturers, Brothers Issac Bernard and Dan Barth.

We are now approaching December’s council meeting on the 4th and our Christmas dinner, which will be on Monday the 18th. All Knights, wives and widows are invited. There will be more information on this in another page of this newsletter.

Our executive meeting will be this Sunday after the 11:00 AM mass. Please let me know if that is a problem for anyone.

As this is our last meeting before Christmas, Alida and I wish everyone a very merry and God filled Christmas and may 2018 be a year of health and wellness for us all. God Bless you All.

Dave Allen
Grand Knight