Brother Knights, our month started out with the Stations of the Cross on Friday March 3, and my thanks to all the brothers who helped out as we were responsible for that evenings event. It went quite well.

On March 20th, our Lectures night began with the Holy Rosary in the church followed by a Lenten Retreat given by Father Paul. Since the whole Parish was invited to attend, I would say the retreat was not well attended, however, for those who did attend, we were treated to one of Father Paul’s wonderful homily type versions on how we should conduct ourselves during the Lenten season. Refreshments and dessert were served in the foyer after his talk. Once again, thank you to the Knights who helped out with the Holy Rosary and thank you so much to Father Paul Raj.

On March 23rd, the knights were invited to St. Williams School and Brothers Leo Bunz, Fred Bremner, Dan Barth and myself were treated to a very nice thank you from the teachers and students and a bit of a show was presented while awards were handed out to certain deserving children. The event lasted about 40 minutes and was very entertaining. We were presented with thank you cards written and drawn by the students and those cards are posted on the bulletin board in the knights chambers. We also received cards and letters from St. Matthews and Ecole St. Cecilia schools and those cards are posted on the knights bulletin board in the foyer of the church. This is the kind of response that encourages us to once again cook sausages and pancakes for those schools next year. Thank you again to all those who helped on Shrove Tuesday.

On March 27th, I attended our Chapter meeting at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish and we were all treated to a very nice Polish dinner and dessert. During the meeting we were reminded of the March for Life which will take place on Thursday May 11, in Edmonton and for those who would like to attend that march, there may be buses taking knights to Edmonton and back. I will keep you informed. The hike for Life will be on May 13th, and I will be doing that hike while representing Council 4878. There will be pledge forms in the foyer and anyone who would like to join me for this walk, please do. The Way of the Cross is coming up on Good Friday and we will need a number of Knights to help make this walk successful. I will have more on this at our council meeting on April 3rd. Good Friday is on the 14th, of April.

Brothers, our Easter Triduum is fast approaching and at this time Alida and I would like to wish all of you a very blessed Easter as we remember the unthinkable sacrifice Jesus made, for the sake of all mankind.

God Bless you all,
Dave Allen
Grand Knight