Brother Knights, we had a rather short meeting in order to accommodate our annual cribbage tournament and therefore we had a wonderful dinner before the start of our monthly meeting. Ray Khuller and his wife prepared chili and all the fixins and about 20 of us were treated to an excellent meal including dessert. Thank you very much to Ray and Rosie. The cribbage tournament produced an A and B side winner. On the B side, Bro. Len Bochman was the winner and the real champion this year went to Bro. Danny Goshaluk. My thanks to Bro. Dave Masse for taking the reins for this tournament and making it all work. As usual we had the World Day of the Sick on the 12th of February and due to changes in dates And the lateness of those changes we were unable to provide a breakfast for the sick. Next year we will be sure to co-ordinate with Pastoral Care to make sure we have our usual breakfast.

We had one hockey game on Monday the 13th and my thanks go out to Brothers Mike Driscoll, Henry Feddema, Kevin Lopresti, Mike Abday and Lloyd Rose. We all had a great time amidst a 5 to 0 Loss to Arizona.

Monday Evening the 20th of Feb. we had our annual cribbage tournament where we invited players from all councils. Brother Mike Driscoll was the BIG winner and will be tough to beat next year. Yours truly won the 50/50 draw and great fraternity was had by all. My thanks to Bro. Dan Barth especially and Henry Feddema for opening and running the bar.

Our Chapter meeting was on Tuesday the 21st. Our Charities Appeal tickets need to be turned in to Bro. Mike Driscoll by March 4th. Also our annual hike for life is coming up on the 13th of May and I will be doing the hike and there will be more on this to follow.

On Thursday Feb. 23rd. a number of Knights and Priests were in attendance at Padre Night. Total attendance was 350 to 360 men. As usual Council 4878 was well represented and my thanks to Bro. Frank Gerritsen for reserving our tables for us. We expected 320 to attend so you can imagine the difficulty of holding 3 tables for ourselves. The evening was a total success and everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. Hopefully we can entice more members to attend next year. My deepest thanks to bro. Dan Barth once again for organizing the sorting of shirts and all that went with that including a wonderful breakfast that he and his wife Elaine prepared.

The 4th weekend at the church included the K of C dishing out cake for birthdays and anniversaries. I thank all the Brothers who helped distribute cake to all parishioners.

The installation of Bishop William T. McGrattan was held on the 27th of February and notable by the presence his wife and children at his side, District Deputy Michael Subasic was given the honour of representing the Laity of the Catholic church diocese. Wow! What an honour.

Lastly we had almost 20 knights and wives at St. Cecilias to cook pancakes and sausages for the 3 schools in our area. St. Williams, St Matthews and Ecole St. Cecilias. Thank you so much for your help especially to Mike Abday and Vital Morrissette on sausages, Leo Bunz, Kevin Lopresti, Len White and Asido Romell on pancakes and Frank Gerritsen and Hank Kouewenberg for Deliveries. A veryhuge thank you to Dan Barth for putting all of this together. We had a number of ladies also involved and as always we can do nothing without them.God Bless you All.

God Bless you all,

Dave Allen

Grand Knight