Greetings Brother Knights

As we now enter into the year 2017 it is my pleasure to thank all the Brothers and Wives for all their help during 2016.

I am especially thankful for all the help I received with our Christmas Dinner on the 19th. I first would like to thank Vital and Freida and Freda Abday for cooking turkeys and taking so much stress off of yours truly. I know I will probably miss a few names although I do know who was all there. Ken and Sharron Dorscher who not only provided two beautiful hams but also came in and cooked them. Vicki Baran and Jenny and Jim O’Dell who always do such a terrific job of preparing the auditorium and decorating as well. Kevin Lopresti who came in and carved the turkeys and hams and everyone else who came in at sometime during the day and helped out. I also am very sorry that Dan and Elaine Barth were unable to attend, however, Elaine did call me and gave me a list of things we needed and the procedures that she has used in all the years she has spear headed the kitchen duties for our Christmas dinner, thank you Elaine.

My thanks to Kevin Lopresti, Dave Masse and Jim O’Dell who provided door prizes of their own created wines, and to Henry Feddema for handling our bar services. Thank you to Ray Khuller for the wine selection for the crate of wines which we draw for each year.

Congratulations to Kevin Lopresti who won said crate, the proceeds from this draw go to Pennies for Heaven and of course this crate will be returned for next Christmas full of delicious wines selected by our own connoisseur of wines Kevin Lopresti. THANK YOU EVERYONE.
Congratulations to Father Paul Raj on celebrating his 24th. year as a priest and on behalf of all the knights, wives and widows, of Council 4878 we wish you a very happy new year and a safe and most enjoyable holiday as you leave on the 9th of January to travel back to India.
This year St. Cecilia Church decorations have the church looking as nice as it has ever looked and we can thank Dan Barth and Frank Gerritsen and their crew for the reason it looks so nice.

We worked a Hockey Game at the Saddledome on the 31st. of December and those working the game were Dave Masse, Mike Abday, Henry Feddema, Mike Driscoll and Dave Allen. Thank you brothers for coming forward.

January 5th. begins a new era for our office as we said goodbye to Maureen Barton after 52 years and we say hello to our new office secretary CHRISTINE THIBEAULT, next time you are in the parish office, Please say hello and welcome her to the St. Cecilia’s family.

I wish everyone involved with the Knights of Columbus Council 4878 and especially the knights, wives and widows a very special 2017 and may God bless you all abundantly this coming year.

Dave Allen
Grand Knight