Dear Brother Knights,

EVERY LITTLE SOUL MUST SHINE”: These are the apt words as we enter into the month of November which is filled with lot of sweet and at time tears filled memories of our departed dear and near ones and at the same time honor all the saints, known and unknown, who now enjoy the beatific vision with God. We are well known and applauded often for the great respect, reverence and importance that we give to our departed souls by offering a lot of prayers and Masses for them.

As we remember all the saints and souls it is also a gentle reminder for us that we need to safe guard our own little souls and it must shine with all the Christian values.

It also provides us with the opportunity to give thanks for all the great saints for their heroic witness to Jesus and our departed souls both of whom have shaped our lives and continue to give a meaning to our existence.

Let us say a prayer for all the departed souls every day in the month of November. Let us also say a prayer daily to all the saints for their intercession and blessings.

Fr. V.Irudaya Paul Raj SAC
Council Chaplain