Greetings Brother Knights,

March continued to percolate, and it wasn’t just the coffee. The annual cadence of Knightly activity continues unabated. True we didn’t, as a Council, accomplish too much for the Orderwide Church Drive, and there was barely perceptible forward motion under recruitment – First Degree Week; but – just the same, cudos to Bro. Kevin Lopresti for his endeavour and diligence in scribing a report under Charitable Service Outreach Week. This report will be presented in due course for State consideration. Some of the busiest members of Council are probably musing that the committee cobbled together to come up with all these fancy names and designations for ‘Weeks of the Year’ are asking: “When are they ever going to designate an Inactivity Week?” How will they ever know if we’re just in suspended animation ? or not . . .

Since the beginning of the New Year the great collaboration of note has been for the renewal of ProServe certifications. Many have completed this already and gotten their Congrats but without any idea of what might be their mark; so be it. Bro. Mike Abday might term this requirement the ‘Fun at undraiser’ Permit. Cudos again to all who undertook this 4 to 6 hour stint on the ‘puter and many thanks to Carolyn Lopez for keeping track. Your W.G.K. took about 6 hours to get through the six (6) modules and he is still searching around the back yard for a solid chunk of aspen or ash to enter as the ProServe ‘log’; however he passed. We’ll never know. No marks, we’ll never know.

Recent mail from K of C HQ in Red Deer included Resolutions, both General and State Member Nominations. These are to be voted on at 2015 Annual State Council Meeting being held in Red Deer, April 17 – 19. These documents will be made available for discussion at our next Council Meeting, Wednesday, April 8th. In the interests of instructing any future Grand Knight who may happen to read this message, here is an excerpt from the accompanying letter: “Worthy Grand Knights, in preparation for dealing with these Resolutions at the Annual Meeting, I would ask that they be reviewed and studied at your next Council Meeting so that your membership is aware of these Resolutions. Make sure that your Council delegates to the Convention are aware and have copies of the Resolutions. They should be prepared to offer input on the Council’s behalf when the Resolutions are dealt with at the Annual Meeting.” These instructions came under the signature of Bro. Vince R. Reyes, State Advocate.

Also received in the month of March and very much welcomed is the exemplification DVD entitled: First Degree Ceremonial Production. This will be shown at Council sometime when appropriate. There is one other DVD to be added to the Council files: St. Cecilia’s Parish – a 50th Anniversary Celebration in Video and Image. Please note plenty thanks are due to two of our stalwart Knights, Bros. Mike Driscoll and Fred Bremner for all their efforts with videography and editing. Maybe we can ‘screen’ this one at the close of a Council Meeting; no popcorn promised.

There was a very positive report at Chapter that the Basketball Freethrow Finals were carried forward with much enthusiasm and support at Okotoks on Saturday, March 21st. Our D.D. Ray Khuller and Bro. Henry Feddema were assisting. Bro. Gaston Launiere also acknowledged strong support from volunteers.

St. Mary’s Annual Outdoor Way of the Cross on Good Friday, April 3rd will have good representation from our Council. Several Knights are participating and assisting in crowd control; this includes practice meetings. How do you practice crowd control?? Is there a virtual crowd, somewhere?? as there is, reportedly, a virtual cloud?? Maybe one and the same.

The agenda and instructions for Major Degree, Saturday, May 30th, hosted by our Council 4878 is being circulated by Bro. Dan Barth P.S.D. All who wish to help out are warmly welcomed. PHOTO SHOOT: Please note that the photographer will be in attendance from about 7:15 pm until 7:30 pm on Council Night to take a couple of ‘shots’ for the parish directory, so be aware, be very aware if you wish to go incognito or wear a costume. This is your chance. A reminder that the next Council meeting is Wednesday, April 8th, at the usual time.

On behalf of Council and, on a personal basis, my wife Peggy and I, a Christian hurrah for Easter and the significance of the Resurrection to all who truly believe.

Vivat Jesu!
John Bothwell, GK