Greetings Brother Knights,

Please note, fellow Knights, this message is scripted in reverse order for this month – with the February coming first – and the highlights of the past month coming last. This is done in deference to the Lacklustre Leafs, a notable Canadian hockey team which stunned us all by hitting the ‘Breaking News’ on all the media outlets early in the New Year by firing their coach. There must be some biblical reference for such… oh yes, there is: “And the first shall come last, and the last first.” Great encouragement if you’re coming last in the cross-country ski race, canoeing or as a hockey team. So, what does the future hold… ? It’s a ‘We’ll see’.

Activities to look forward to, in February:
Padre Night comes up in early in the month, on the evening of Thursday, February 12th and there are tickets left so PLEASE see your Grand Knight. Our Council is sponsoring [four Priests], our Parish Priest Fr Paul Raj , Fr. Frank Feldmann, Fr. Henry Rosenbaum and Fr. Myles Gaffney.

World Day of the Sick, a Knights sponsored Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, February 8th, This is one of our regular activities and many pitch in to assist. Thanks, in advance.
Shrove Tuesday, February 17th, Council 4878 assists with pancake breakfast at St. William Elementary School. Those Knights who may be able to run the necessary dispensing equipment over to the school can obtain the parent contact information from Grand Knight John (me).

Also keep in mind that First Degrees can pop up if we have candidates. The next Major Degree of note for us is Saturday, May 30th at our St. Cecilia’s.

Onto the topic of Membership. It was so encouraging to your own Grand Knight and to all the other attendees to be a witness to the First Degree Ceremony, Monday, January 12th. This was hosted by St. Bonaventure with our parish priest Fr Paul Raj, joining our Order and our Council – and with the ‘cheering section’ as District Deputy Ray Khuller may sometimes term it – fourteen – count it – 14 fellow Knights present. Many thanks, fellow Knights, for your support. At the short social following, various members of our Council heard many words of praise from the host council for such an encouraging turnout.

The choice of Susan Gerritsen, nurse, and daughter of Carol and Frank – our very own Bro. Frank Gerritsen, in case you missed it – was indeed ‘heartening’ – to say the least. We are much encouraged to do all the proper things to keep our tickers ticking. By the way, during all the great questions posed. the word ‘chocolate’ did not come up once.

Such a fitting presentation for a month when the heart is ‘on topic’ and featured everywhere, even on boxes of chocolates. One of these years we’ll have to start a month featuring the brain. Daahh!

Peggy and I would like to extend heart’s regard to all for this Valentine’s Day and a silent prayer for your extended good health.

Vivat Jesu!
John Bothwell, GK