Dear Brother Knights:
The time has arrived again when we have to think of buying presents for the people who are dear to us and persons we need to give a present to. For many, that is the extent of Christmas, to give presents and to receive from others the same. Actually, Christmas when we look at God’s intentions has nothing of that in it. God by his friendliness and generosity had planned to bring the troubles of humankind to an end. He sent his Son born in Bethlehem but in reality the savour of humankind. By God’s will he wanted that each and every one should receive Him with all that He offers and be a friend with God again.

I would like to invite you to look closer at this matter. Christmas is actually the celebration of God’s generosity and the invitation to be his children. If we work on the relationship with God we cannot but be friends with people around us. The friendliness of God will spurt out of us and make others happy. When we look closely at the birth of Jesus we recognize that Jesus Christ was doing the same.

He was born a child and his name Emmanuel expresses that God is among humans, the savour, the one who offers life, the only one who loves us truly, and the way by whom we can go back to our father in heaven.

FR. Frank Feldmann, S.A.C.