Greetings Brother Knights,

November has been such an eventful month your intrepid leader has got somewhat behind the ‘eight ball’ and is still scrambling to catch up. Battling the sneezes and wheezes of the season has delayed the recovery; hope you are staying healthy – ‘flu shot or no ‘flu shot.

Memorial Mass was held at St. Patrick’s in Shawnessy, Thursday, November 6th commencing at 7:30 pm. Our Council was well represented and a hearty thanks to all who attended, Knights, lovely ladies, Colour Guard and family who came in recognition of one who had gone before, children and babies.

Our council fundraiser for assisting in the sponsorship of a refugee family from the Syrian situation has been a major effort. P.G.K. Kevin Lopresti led this successful initiative, ably assisted by Bro’s Leo Bunz, Andre Ethier, Danny Goshulak for the 50/50 draw, Henry Feddema for attending the bar; so many helped in the kitchen, with the serving, the tickets, the clean-up, the set-up and set-down – thanks to all. Special thanks to the Barth clan for all they do. We now understand the emigrating family will be arriving at YYC on Monday, December 1st. This is the very day of our next Council Meeting. What we have to offer in the way of goods and monies will be handed over once the family has been welcomed by their close relatives and have found a place to stay.

We have wound-down our volunteering effort at McMahon Stadium for the Stampeder games. It cannot be overlooked – with all our booth presence and background cheering – that the Stamps are advanced to the Grey Cup, this taking place in Vancouver on Sunday, November 30th. We can only wish the team every success from our distant and lofty perch here in the foothills and nearer to where pipelines originate. About the game – we can only borrow a favourite line from our own Bro. Dave Allen, “Can we now express our condolences to Hamilton Tiger Cat fans [Oskiweewee… ] at the anticipated outcome of this game… ”

By the way, Sunday November 30th is also the First Sunday of Advent.

Some dates to note: Bro Vital Morrissette has set Saturday, December 13th, for the visits with Widows and gifting of Poinsettias, also our Annual Christmas Party (see item elsewhere in this newsletter) is planned for Monday, December 15th. There are First Degrees planned for December 3rd and 5th. We may have candidates.

Membership has two significant events to report, First Degree and a Fourth Degree, all within the month. First Degree was ably conducted by the Degree Team from St. Patrick’s, Fr. Albert Newman Council 8470. This was held at Holy Spirit Parish on Sunday, November 16th at 2:30 PM and hosted by Council 8471. Our candidate Joseph Altura attended along with six others and one Priest. We are most pleased to welcome Bro. Joseph Altura into Council and shall give him every encouragement.

Fourth Degree exemplification held at Holy Name, Saturday, November 22nd, saw Bro Joseph Jayawickrama join Father Doucet Assembly 006 along with two others. Kudos to D.D. Bro. Ray Khuller for his sponsorship and accompaniment to Bro. Joseph and his wife Nimalka ‘Nimi’ at the banquet following.

Council is anticipating a busy 2015, doing good, with many Service Programs on-the-go. Calls have come in from two schools in our parish for assistance in various programs. Keep Padre Night on your new calendar, February 12, 2015.

Oh, and this news just in – the Lacklustre Leafs have just won one hockey game!

From Peggy and I , then, a heartfelt, joyful wish at this advent time of year; a time when Canadians think about renewal in the middle of Winter weather; to each Knight and his family, widows, friends all, and those men who may be considering joining our council, “A Blessed Christmas”.

Vivat Jesu!
Bro. John Bothwell,
Grand Knight