Entitled to nothing: grateful for everything.

Greetings Brother Knights,

“Being grateful” is a good theme to hold in your mind, especially at this time of year. And we’re not just referring to the children with their Halloween treats. We hope that the above slogan is not too off-putting for our Worthy Brother Knights – it is the latest catch-phrase set in front of the Toronto [Lacklustre] Maple Leafs, also known as the Lackluster Leafs. But it does point us in the right direction during this season of Thanksgiving. In the privacy of our homes many Christians say a quiet prayer, a blessing, “Grace”, before partaking of a meal. Here are a few:

For food in a world where many walk in hunger;
For faith in a world where many walk in fear;
For friends in a world where many walk alone;
We give you thanks, O Lord.

For good food and those who prepare it, for good friends with whom to share it, we thank
you Lord.

Bless, O Lord, this food to our use and us to thy service, and keep us ever mindful of the
needs of others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
For this and all we are about to receive, make us truly grateful, Lord. Through Christ we
pray. Amen.

Within our own family we refer to the blessing first listed as “The Lenten Grace”. Don’t know why we refer to it this way – just a family tradition, perhaps. We hope you have enjoyed a Thanksgiving of peace and grace and family ties.

There was an excellent turnout for the Lecturer’s Program, Monday, October 20th with Marion Hour taking place at the Rachael Garden – reciting the Rachael Rosary – followed by an adjournment to the upper auditorium for the screening of the film, “Father Michael McGivney, the Priest Who Founded the Knights of Columbus.” We all came away from this event with a much greater understanding of the man that “Irish Mike” was, his upbringing, his astuteness, his compassion for individuals and his perseverance in facing the tough times and prejudices of that day to get this men’s group founded – and independently from the direct subjugation by the church. Our thanks to Worthy Lecturer Bro. Dan Barth, his wife Elaine and the ladies who helped for the social afterwards, the projectionist Bro. Kevin Lopresti and Bro. Dave Allen, who read and all others who assisted.

Since many of our Council were able to enjoy good food and camaraderie at St. Luke’s Sister’s Night in mid-September, it was encouraging to see a respectable “cheering crowd” – in District Deputy Ray Khuller’s term – again at St. Luke’s for a Major Degree on Saturday, October 18th. Three worthy candidates from 4878 went through, Lloyd Rose, Ricky Tormon and ‘Jhun’ Lazara; all able to journey to the NW quadrant of Calgary on what turned out to be a gorgeous Fall day – full of blue and gold and significance. Many thanks to DD Bro. Ray Khuller, Brothers Mike Abday and Frank Gerritsen who viewed the exemplification along with your own grandpa-hasa-nap-during 3rd degree GK John.

Memorial Mass will be at St. Patrick’s in Shawnessy, Thursday, November 6th commencing at 7:30 pm; please consider attending this meaningful event. With great respect we put forward three names: Edward ‘Ed’ L. Zentner, Armando F. Manfredi, Jack A. Baran.

Back to the beginning, again, remember the Leafs as we gather the leaves.

Quite apart from Knights, some of our friends will be attending a Remembrance Day Service at Kerby Centre Gym, 1133 – 7th Ave. SW, downtown, gather before 10:30 am, Tuesday, November 11th. This will be an especially moving ceremony, after recent tragic happenings at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and at Ottawa, Canada.

Vivat Jesu!
Bro. John Bothwell,
Grand Knight