Dear Brother Knights:

All of us are invited to be part of the kingdom of God to which Jesus Christ gave instructions and an understanding, which and where it is. Most of the time, Jesus Christ uses parables to explain things and situations, which we very often do not fully understand.

He teaches us that there is for each an invitation to be part of it. Everyone is welcome to join.

A second statement in this parable teaches us that it is not up to us to interpret the invitation and make things in our own life more important than the invitation of God. It is a very strong realization to see that people dare to work against His invitation. Then He sends servants out to call people from the streets, to take part in the wedding banquet and the unimportant heed the outreach. We all have to prepare ourselves to notice what God wants of us and there is no exception.

It is worthwhile to think about this matter and to learn to interpret what belongs to God and what we interpret to be ours. This last sentence I just formed has already a fault in it, namely when I said, “interpret to be ours”. It is an oxymoron because even what we interpret to be ours, is actually a gift from God.

Let us pray for each other, that all our faces are turned to God and learn to value every word of God taught by Jesus Christ, which are interpreted by the church.

Fr. Frank Feldmann, SAC
K of C Chaplain