Brother Knight’s;

Welcome back to the reality of the working routine, families busy, children off to school or university, household chores, faith, active retirement – or all of these! Also, the continuation of CUFP, as in Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism; these championed by the enthusiasm and volunteerism of many, as Knights. This is what Knights are all about and, for many, this ‘busy-ness’ sustains us – not materially – but somewhere inside our very selves. As some are still working on flood recovery from last summer, others took occasion to get warmed, somewhat, by the few summery days. Great! Regenerated! Recall Calgary enjoyed clear weather during Stampede. Thanks go out to so many who came forward to help for the annual Parish Stampede Breakfast, Sunday, July 6th. Much of the neighbourhood showed up and was welcomed with plate after plate of vittles. It was a great gathering out in the open under less-threatening skies. Fr. Frank’s promise held.

Council starts early this Columbian Year with first meeting in council chambers on Wednesday, September 3rd. So please plan to attend and then we can get off to a good start in this St. Cecilia’s Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration year. This grand effort is happening on Saturday, September 20th – see the invitation elsewhere in this newsletter. Many are involved.

Also, keep in mind that prior to this, on Monday, September 15th, Lecture Night is the occasion of the presentation of the Lorne Dowling Bursaries to four worthy students. Council is very fortunate I.P.G.K. Kevin Lopresti has taken this on with fairly short notice after our sterling Knight Alfredo Nino made a decision to transfer to his home town council of Okotoks.

The Installation of Officers was another significant occasion hosted by St. Patrick’s in July. Hospitality is their watchword, and this installation was no exception. We were even able to recruit stand-ins for those who couldn’t make it. Thanks to Brothers Gordon Finstad, Mike Abday, Jim O’Dell, Andy Haynes, Dave Allen. Special thanks to D.D. Ray Khuller for his timely prompts [also known as birddoggin’].

We shall continue to reach out and recruit; it will a great achievement if we can reach an average of one new First Degree Member per month for the ten (10) months during which we meet. Fellow Knights, please get involved as much as you can in this regard; I, myself, like to stress the fraternity aspect and then defer to Bro. Greg Miskiman, our Financial Benefits Advisor for our District. More on this topic in the weeks to come.

Again, welcome back.

Vivat Jesu!

John Bothwell,
Grand Knight