Dear Brother Knights:

Fifty days after Easter the apostles and some ladies are ready to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They had gone through desperation, unbelief, rejection, and cluelessness. There was actually nothing left for them to do but to go on to their knees and pray. We believe in fact, that they started to pray on the 40th day after Easter, as one thing they had not tried yet was to find a solution for crucifixion, and resurrection. Nine days it took to open their mind and heart to such an extent that the Holy Spirit could do its work. All of them in the upper room were filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, because they were ready for it and nothing stood in the way that its blessings could work.

Imagine, Peter goes out, who had never taken a course in public speaking, and gives a great sermon so that three thousand people asked for instructions. They get baptized as Jesus had ordered them to do.

My dear brother Knights, it is worthwhile to meditate on the happenings of Pentecost because it also brings God’s blessings into our lives, and a Pentecost experience can be renewed at any time.

Fr. Frank Feldmann, S.A.C.
K of C Chaplain