Dear Brother Knight’s:

Thank you, thank you! In addition to our Breakfast Chairman Dan Barth’s thank you last week I also commend you and our Ladies generous help with the World Day of the Sick breakfast enjoyed by most attending our 9:00 AM and 11:00 M masses and anointing of the sick. Indeed you are “second to none and we have great parish spirit.”

And speaking about our great parish, with the 50th anniversary coming up, can we keep that in mind when we try to come up with a new project/fundraiser that I asked for from you for suggestions last month. Tempus fugit, (time flies) we all know that very well, so let’s be prepared to look at your enthusiastic suggestions at our general meeting this Monday, March 3rd.

Brother Henry Feddema, our D.D. Ray Khuller and Knights who came out to the District Basketball Free Throw, made it possible for a large number of students to participate at the event on February 4th and for many to go on to the Regional playoff at Holy Trinity School in Okotoks, March 15th at 10:00 AM. A NOTE to Commander Frank Gerritsen of Father Doucet Assembly, it would be nice if the Color Corp would lead the students into the gymnasium. My grandson still talks about the Knight’s Colour Corp when they sponsored his event years ago.

Father Henry Rosenbaum and Fr. Terry Connelly and all of us 13 Knights applauded heartedly when Fr. Frank Feldmann won the 50/50 draw at the Padre Night Banquet that was well attended. Little did Fr. Frank know that Bro. Dan Barth had your Grand Knight count the funds and Bro. Mike Abday separate the tickets, bringing him a little luck. The evening was fabulous, food superb and most of all, mingling with our priests was well appreciated by all.

I will be speaking with Fr. Frank Feldmann and asking him for support with our membership recruitment that should be run ideally in March as part of the blitz promoted by Supreme. Looking forward to your help when a Sunday is decided.

As we approach the season of Lent, please note that we are welcomed again to attend St. Cecilia’s School Shrove Tuesday on March 4th. As part of our community programs, please let me know if you can attend as I know the students would love to meet you. Amanda Bernard, School Council Chair, would like to have us there at 11:45 AM.

And as this leads us into Lent. Please note Pope Francis’s Lenten theme for all of us to “live a life of evangelical poverty.” We can begin to embrace this call by fasting from or “giving up” material things, including foods, that are superfluous to our basic needs; “taking up” charitable habits that are directed to helping and caring for others; and “lifting up” our brothers and sisters who are in need through giving alms, praying and participating in devotional practices. Note the Ref.

Vivat Jesus!

G.K. Kevin