Dear Brother Knight’s:

We are very fortunate to have a generous council whose vital works is intended for the vitality of it’s members and to help ensure a thriving parish, with interest in its local schools and community. Whether there is a call to help with food hampers, support Shove Tuesday breakfasts or raise funds for church projects, you Knights and your families share your time and talents very willingly. We still need to challenge ourselves and look at new ways to keep ourselves committed and involved and especially to encourage our new members to suggest some ideas for new activities. Let’s take the next two months to explore ideas and bring them to our general meetings. For one, let’s try to do something different that we can all contribute to instead of the garage sale this spring, that also brings in the parish involvement. Let’s think about it. Grand bazaar any one?

This is the month when we stand by our priests at the Padre Night Banquet and say thanks for being there for us day by day, week after week all through the year helping us to grow in our faith and also providing guidance and always reminding us of our purpose and the love of God. I am very pleased to note that we’ll have thirteen brothers of our council unanimously joining our priests at the Polish Hall on Thursday, February 13. For those who can’t attend, I know you will take a minute to offer your appreciation when you have an opportunity.

I am thrilled with the attendance of at least 45 of our Knights and their family from our council alone that came to be informed at our lecturer’s night of the SISTERS OF LIFE program who work to support young mothers to celebrate life. Thank you Dan for making us aware of this essential program so that we can possibly offer assistance when requested to help those give life a chance.

OK so your Grand Knight went to Cuba again but not for fishing this time, well just for a day, but primarily for our daughter Lisa’s wedding. The wedding party was so friendly, weather was great and the beach awesome!

Vivat Jesus!
G.K. Kevin Lopresti