Dear Brother Knight’s;

Some of you may be aware of the 50th Anniversary celebration of St. Cecilia’s CWL Council #19 which I attended with Heidi a few weeks ago at the Blackfoot Inn. Those of you who also attended can attest that it was an incredible event, very well organized and inspired by the many talented, spiritual and generous CWL Ladies. We heard the history of the first meetings held in their kitchens and of how they helped our early pastor get started with St Cecilia’s Parish. Did you know they had over 160 charter members and many of these Ladies still grace us today in mutual participation with our Service Programs or when we need help with ceremonies and events? Our council presented Mary Ann Oikawa, president of CWL Council #19 with a plaque congratulating them for 50 years of service to their members, the parish and the community. Please extend your personal best wishes at any opportunity.

Well it’s this time again when we should be making our Christmas lists and marking our calendars so we can plan for those special items and time with family and friends. While we have the traditional events like visiting our Widows with the Poinsettias or the Annual Christmas Party on the 16th to look forward to, you know this is a good time to set aside some time with your Worthy Brother Knights whom you haven’t seen for some time and give them your best wishes. Our roster chairman Ken, editor Danny or I would be delighted to give you any contact information. Our newest members would also be impressed by your encouraging calls.

We are planning to have a few new candidates complete their First Degree on Friday, December 6th at St. Patrick’s church and I’ll send you a message to confirm the date and location to support them in their exemplification.

Our council unanimously welcomes our Knights who we know are not always available, to plan to attend a few meetings this Columbian year and rekindle spirits with your fellow knights. Make it happen in 2014 and if you can help with a Service Program like the Basketball Free Throw or Wheelchair Bowling, all the better, Brother Knights, towards doing some good.

On December 10th St. William’s School will be presenting the Appreciation Medals to the students and are asking that some of our members be in attendance. This will be the first of the medals for the program that was started in the spring.

Thank you all for your attendance at our meetings this year, service programs, parish breakfasts, another garage sale and fundraising activities which you have made successful through your time and generosity.

Please all join me in thanking our Publicity and Newsletter editors as well as Lecturer Dan and Elaine for unifying us with the warmth, time and effort put into each and every bulletin and lecturer evening. You are truly the anchor of this council, keeping us informed through our general e-mail and especially when I am away, about our Knights and Brothers who have passed away.

Heidi and I joyously wish to each and every Knight and family and our Past Knight’s Widows, a very warm and Merry Christmas with God’s Blessings!

Vivat Jesus!
GK Kevin Lopresti