Worthy Brother Knights;

I hope you all had a Thanksgiving filled with family and friends thinking over a year of health and prosperity or for challenges that you may have had through the year and how your faith has helped in every way making sense of it and helping you become a stronger person. Building ones faith is probably one of the main reasons for becoming a Knight. In solidarity, you know other Knights and their families are there to offer their support and prayers through our Intercessor Blessed Virgin Mary or directly to Our Lord, to help you find guidance and resolution.

We had a great month of October in our membership blitz, “the Power of One” and it looks promising that we’ll have several new men and some transfers to join our council. I would like to thank our Deputy Grand Knight John Bothwell , Chancellor Henry Feddema and our Recorder Andy Haynes for coming out to a few “open houses” last month and explaining who we are, what we do and that they are welcomed. You are most encouraged to extend your hand to other parishioners and ask them if they are interested in obtaining information at a brief meeting at their convenience. Please note that every Knight that sponsors a candidate will also be acknowledged by Supreme.

We know that we’ll be called one day, and these new Knights are essential to keeping our organization strong, united and sustainable to do our good works for decades to come. Our Memorial Mass for five (5) of our Brother Knights will be held on Nov. 7th, 7:00 PM at St. Cecilia’s Church this year, so please plan to attend in prayer and support for the families and widows of Brothers Vincent Cuschieri, Anton Planicka, Ed Ell, John Zyla and Laurentius (Louie) Brammer.

This year’s Marian Devotion theme of the Immaculate Conception Prayer Program at St Cecilia’s Oct. 21st, was well attended by our council, Ladies and parishioners. Jenny O’Dell, Elaine and Danny Barth led us in praying the decades of the rosary as per the 16th K of C program. It was nice to have Fr. Gilles La Blanc visit us and help with the program. St. Cecilia’s is the first parish in Calgary to receive the Icon of the Immaculate Conception, which is a copy of the original painting that is housed in the Cathedral Basilica Notre-Dame in Quebec City. At our Chapter meeting this week, State Deputy Bill Smith advised he will be visiting the Basilica next week along with many other State Deputies.

Please plan to attend the closing Centennial Mass on Friday, November 29, 2013, at St. Mary’s Cathedral at 7:00 PM.

Thank you to Brothers Danny Barth and Frank Gerritsen for helping with hosting the Chapter meeting.

Brother John Wojtowicz is coordinating the Grey Cup pool tickets program as one of our important fundraisers with funds earmarked for St. Vincent de Paul as per your unanimous recommendation, so please help by purchasing or selling these booklets. Go Stamps Go!!!

Our Executive meeting will be at 12:30 following the 11 o’clock mass this Sunday.

Please pray for  our brother Knights and Ladies who are in need of our prayers.

Vivat Jesus!
Kevin Lopresti, Grand Knight