Dear Brother Knights:

I would like to have a little meditation with you, on the feast day of the Body and Blood of Christ. What Jesus Christ left behind is almost an unbelievable act of kindness and support.

Our Lord died for us on the cross, the most painful and degrading death possible. But this was not enough for the immeasurable love of God. Jesus wanted to make sure that He is always in reach and has the ability to assist us in our troublesome life. Before He left for the Mount of Olives He celebrated his first mass in the upper room. For the first time humans were eating Jesus as God and as man. This food will be support for all who take part in mass and consume it. Being present in us He helps us to overcome our sinful inclinations and ever so slowly turn us into images of God by action and thought.

Therefore, my dear Knights, we should take the opportunity to partake in this Eucharistic celebration as often as possible so that we can become the Knights we ought to be. When you have a possibility to have time for a mass on weekdays, please take this opportunity, as it is the greatest chance to grow in your Christian life.

Fr. Frank Feldmann, SAC