Dear Brother Knights:

In the gospel reading of the 5th Sunday after Easter, Jesus Christ is speaking of relationships. Many things we do when we start a relationship with a person or want to make it grow, are also valid for the relationship with God. There are two very important exercises we have to make to start out a relationship and to make it grow. I call them the two pillars of relationship. First, we must spend time with the person we want to be close to, and seek times to talk and exchange thoughts. Without these two exercises no relationship will come to be. The same law exists if we want to be close to God. Without spending time with God and have meaningful conversations with Him, nothing will happen. In the gospel reading of this Sunday Jesus Christ says something more about the relationship we must entertain with God. He tells us that God will live in us, influence us and make us see the essential changes we have to make to be a good brother or sister to other human beings and Jesus Christ, and a good child to the Father. Without doubt this will give us a different look at life and the world around us. It will make us God-like people and our actions towards other humans will also become God-like.

My dear Knights, we have a job to do, and God will help us.
Fr. Frank Feldmann, SAC
Chaplain, Council 4878