Dear Brother Knights:

I would like to invite all of you to come with me into the upper room where Jesus is having the Last Supper with his disciples, knowing that in three days he will be buried after suffering the most crucial torture and death. Our Lord must have an immense love and kindness for all human beings. He had decided to leave something behind by which every human being who has turned his mind and heart to the Son of God will always be able to be in contact with our Lord more intensive than a mother can be with her child or a spouse can be to a spouse. He changes bread into his body and wine into his blood, which he offers to the apostles that He can be one with each.

At that time the apostles did not realize what great things were happening to them. We all know today that Jesus Christ wants to be one with us and so help us to live a life as He would like to see. We all can realize and read in the Acts of the Apostles that the members of the ancient church went to pray in the temple while they broke the bread in their houses. By the breaking of the bread we are recognized as members of the kingdom and are the hopefuls to Everlasting Life .

My dear brother knights, wherever mass is celebrated and you have time to go there, it should become a self-understood call to be there and celebrate with Jesus and eat and become one with Him. By doing that you will worship with Jesus the Father in heaven who planned all of this.

Fr. Frank Feldmann, SAC
Chaplain, Council 4878