Brother Knight’s;

Woo hoo! We’re almost through January and my cold water taps haven’t frozen. I know the downside is that this weather is not the greatest for flues so I hope most of you manage to get through.

I have to tell you that I have looked at some service programs that focus on the community this month. The first one was Shrove Tuesday of which we were asked to attend at Ecole St. Cecilia, and that they could use some assistance with the ingredients. I have placed an order for Coats for Kids that we discussed at our last general meeting but it cost a little more to accommodate one box of twelve coats each, for the boys and girls. The third was the Religious Awareness Poster Contest funded by Alberta NWT State Council for grade 5 students.

Well, isn’t this timely as Pope Benedict XVI had just announced the Year of Faith and that he reminds us of the K of C’s responsibility to take a leadership role within our community in a “renewal of the Church”. The Holy Father emphasized the importance of Charity, our First principle and that “Faith without Charity bears no fruit, while Charity without Faith would be a sentiment constantly at the mercy of doubt”.

The Order’s Year of Faith program is based on 4 categories so I’ll briefly describe them and how a few of our activities fit and are only possible with your support.

Faith Processed – learning more about our faith. What are our resources?

  • Reading the Columbia magazine,
  • our State Chaplain’s vocation program reviewed at our general meeting and
  • inciting an awareness with the Religious Poster Contest.

Faith Lived – Charity …love of God and love of neighbor.

  • Live our faith with helping needy families especially around Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.
  • Supplying coats for children during winter.

Faith Celebrated – Faith motivates our charitable and spiritual activities.

  • Acknowledging our parishioners with a breakfast following the Anointing of the Sick.
  • Padre’s Appreciation Night.

Faith Prayed – Prayer is a source of Unity, strengthens our spirit and our works.

  • Statue of Mary Immaculate program Feb. 1-4 at St Cecilia’s.
  • Marian Hour of Prayer Program.

I’d like to thank Bro. Dan Barth for presenting the film “For Greater Glory” and the review questions on the morality of how Catholics reacted to a loss of religious freedom at this time in Mexico’s history. Thanks to all who contributed to the fraternity after and especially to Elaine and Katherine for the most amazing popcorn.

I offered to help make the spaghetti at the CWL Spaghetti Dinner/Dance fundraiser on Feb. 9th. Well even my Italian fly-fishing buddies won’t allow me to make the pasta! Please offer your help and I hope you can come to the fundraiser and support our CWL.

Please also note that several of our Knights and Ladies need our prayers and we need your help with the World Day of the Sick Breakfast Feb. 10 after the 11AM mass.