Dear Brother Knights:

When Jesus Christ comes to Nazareth where He grew up and earned his living by doing the work of a carpenter, He had to go through a trial, which we would not expect. Jesus was well known to the people and they did not expect Him to be the Messiah and give them directions on how to live. Therefore He criticizes their lack of faith and points out in two stories out of the Old Testament that God can choose people who do not belong to Israel. People get angry when they are criticized even if it is justified. Jesus is taken out of town and they threaten to kill Him.

We all have an understanding about life and if someone comes and suggests something different, we immediately get an unpleasant feeling about the situation. It takes prayer and the graces of God to be open to a new understanding of how life should be lived. In my life I had quite a few parishes to look after and never found one where, what we find in the gospel in Nazareth, did not exist. Even a priest cannot make himself free of this sentiment and has to be continuously in contact with God. So my dear co-sinners we all have to beg God that He gives us an open mind and heart and helps us to overcome our selfish trends. At the same time when truth has to be defended we should beg God to give us courage to be on his side.

Fr. Frank Feldmann, SAC