Dear Brother Knights:

I would like to share a few thoughts with you on the Gospel on Epiphany.

Three wise men, or stargazers, come to Jerusalem. Apparently they had already a long journey behind them and most likely weeks of time to get to their destiny. Surprisingly the message of these three wise men does not cause joy and happiness among the authorities, may they be the temple authority or the political. The Holy Scripture experts tell Herod and the rest of the people that Bethlehem is the place where the New King should be born. The wise men immediately take the road to this place, while no member of the Old Testament people or the King makes the effort to go with them. The stargazers experience a great delight when they see the star appearing again and it leads them to the place they were longing for. They worship and offer gifts to the New Born King. Unknown pagans find the way to the Messiah while the people who received the promise of the Saviour do not interpret the signs in the sky important enough to do something about it.

We should ask ourselves as people of the promises of God: “Do we take the word of God seriously enough and do everything possible to develop the relationship between me and God, and improve the relationship between myself and others”. Quite often we are involved too much in ‘Self’ and do not see what is really necessary in our lives. I invite every one of us to take a few minutes to think about this and find the courage, with a prayer on our lips, to change what ought to be changed in our lives.

Fr. Frank Feldmann, SAC