Dear Brother Knights:

It always leaves me in awe and wonder when I see God again and again approaching humans to do some work for Him. In spite of so many fiascos He has experienced with us, God is a person who never gives up. This is the greatest wonder we should meditate on during Advent. The word itself namely “Advent” means arrival, arrival of God and his plans in human history.

Zechariah has to do his priestly ministry in Jerusalem. While he looks after the priestly action of incense venerating God, he experienced a vision in which an angel tells him that his wife Elizabeth, who is beyond the age of bearing children, will conceive a son. Zechariah knowing this and in his thoughts is counting his own age as well, can’t believe the message. On top of this, the angel says some famous things about the Son he and Elizabeth are promised to have. Zechariah being a priest of low rank is unable to believe this story. The angel tells him “this will come about in spite of your doubts”. Zechariah is a person of reality and doesn’t like to be fooled. The inability to share his thoughts by speech makes him accept the situation and change his belief in Gods promise.

It is worthwhile to read the story about him and the circumstances in his life written down by St. Luke the evangelist. In my eyes Zechariah is a beautiful man in accepting what God has done to him. When he regains his speech there is no complaint or any swear word but only praise and jubilation about the fulfillment of God’s promise. We should look at ourselves and put us into the shoes of Zechariah “What would I have done?”

Fr. Frank Feldmann, SAC