Dear Brother Knights:

Thank you to all Brother Knights and ladies who came out and helped with the World Day of the Sick breakfast. Without you we could not have done it. This was again an opportunity for us to be visible to our parishioners and to bring the people together. It was a delicious breakfast and everyone enjoyed it.

Sometime in the next two months I would like us to challenge Holy Spirit Council to an event to win back the challenge trophy that we lost to them a few years back. We were considering a bowling challenge so we need to make plans and find a date. It might be a good idea to practice and refine our skills. Please give this some serious thought.

Thank you to Brother Mike Driscoll for his time in organizing the Basketball Free Throw, which was held on Saturday, February 25th at St. Matthew’s School. All who came out to help had a good time and it was great to see the smiles on all the kid’s faces. We will be hosting the Regionals this Saturday, March 3rd again at St Matthew’s. The time is 6.00 PM so again all your help will be appreciated. Keep up the good work, my Brother Knights.

We are now fully into the holy season of Lent. Please read Fr. Leo’s message for spiritual inspiration and food for thought.

Henry Feddema, G.K.