2011 Council Basketball Free Throw

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The council free throw event was held on Tuesday, December 21st, 6:00 pm at St. Matthew School. We had 25 participants, up 5 from last year. The main reason we had more participants this year ¬†is that we held the competition before the school’s basketball season got underway.

This year we gave our host school, St. Matthew School, a set of soccer balls instead of the usual basketballs. Taking a look at the basketball bin, we saw plenty of Knights of Columbus basketballs. So, I’m sure Mr. Pilon, the principal at St. Matthew School, was happy to receive something new.

Thanks to the  following volunteers for making the event a success:

  • Bro. Henry
  • Bro. Kevin
  • Bro. Jim (Digger)

Bro. Greg