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Brother Knights:

I am preparing my last Grand Knight’s report and my head is filled with emotional thoughts as I consider what I should say in this report and what I’m feeling as to all the different reports I’ve written over the last three years. I’m torn between writing a report stating the things we have done this last month or whether it’s necessary and of more importance to convey my real thoughts with regards to the last three years as your Grand Knight.

It has been an honour to lead this council and in doing so, I have seen how hard everyone has worked to hold on to the reputation that 4878 has developed since it’s beginning. I have never once felt that I was on my own or that there were any knights I couldn’t count on. I am very, very proud to be able to say I am a Past Grand Knight. I feel that way because all the Past Grand Knights of this council have been so helpful to me. My deepest appreciation and a huge thank you to all.

There is no doubt in my mind that as our new Grand Knight takes the gavel from my hand, I will feel an obligation to help him through his first year and I am committed to doing so as a Past Grand Knight. I have seen the importance of a Grand Knight as someone who says lets do this or lets do that and I see everyone is eager to follow whenever there is someone taking the reins. As our new Grand Knight takes the reins, he needs a Deputy Grand Knight who is willing to help him accomplish all the goals he has set simply by being there, supporting him and following to the end of the goal. It is also important for a Deputy Grand Knight to realize that there are plenty of other Knights willing to help him. The way this works is the beauty of a Knights of a Columbus Council.  This may be the best time for YOU to step up and be the Deputy Grand Knight for Council #4878 and in doing so, you will see why this council has achieved the level it operates at, and why Father Paul Raj is so proud to be our Chaplain. He relies on us for so many things and he knows he can count on us.

On Saturday, June 16th we will celebrate the 51st Grand Knights Ball and I encourage all Knights to attend this event if you can. A great time will be had and we will each have an opportunity to welcome our newest Grand Knight sometime through out the evening. I thank you all for the great support you have shown me in the last three years and I pray that God will bless you all abundantly. Thank you.


Dave Allen,

Grand Knight


Brother Knights:

April is now past and we have some nice weather to enjoy.

We had our annual Garage Sale on April 21st and 22nd and fortunately we did have some very nice weather for that sale. The garage sale was a lot of fun because we had so many Brother Knights, wives and parishioners helping to make it a success. I can’t mention everyone’s name as I’m sure to miss someone so I will just say a huge thank you to all who helped make this work. A very special thank you to the committee who put this all together and those members are Jenny O’Dell, Vicki Baran and Frank Gerritsen. Their tireless efforts were crucial as we no longer have Kevin Lopresti and Leo Bunz to spearhead this event. Once again, thank you to all.

The 2018 State Convention held April 27th, 28th, and 29th has come and gone and I will tell you that the State Board did not change as all state members were re-elected.  To refresh your memory, they are Brothers Ron Schuster as State Deputy, Ferdie Mendita, State Secretary, Gaston Launiere, State Treasurer, John Onyskiw, State Advocate and Andy Shosalski as State Warden.

The Resolution to increase the per capita levy by $4.00 per member was carried and will be effective January 2019 for the 2018-2019 Columbian year.

The resolution regarding the Youth Protection Program was carried.

The resolution to adopt measures that would allow the membership of women over age 18 in the First Degree of the Knights of Columbus was opposed and not carried.

In all it was a very good convention, well organized and on time.  The hospitality and fraternity among the brothers was great to see and offered us time to get to know many of the Brother Knights throughout Alberta. I encourage you, my Council Brothers to take the opportunity of attending the State Conventions and see how the organization works on a larger scale.

Brother Knights, it is that time of the year when we as a Council will be having elections.  We have to decide on what roll we are ready to take on to be active.  Many of you will be asked to let your name stand for election on the executive in Council 4878 and we count on you to say YES.  Brother Andy Haynes is stepping forward and will be the Grand Knight beginning July 1st. 2018. The executive will consist of those brothers who are willing to assist Brother Andy. I plan on doing whatever I can do to help our Grand Knight have a successful year and I hope you will all do the same. Please feel free to discuss the possibility with me or with Brother Andy if you have any questions.

Thank you Brothers and God Bless you All.

Dave Allen,

Grand Knight



Brother Knights:

Just a short message this month as our council meeting was delayed a week and the lecturer’s night was the mini retreat hosted by the CWL. As always, I thank all the Brother Knights who have been involved in the activities going on at the church.

On Saturday, March 24th we had a Major exemplification and I am pleased to congratulate Brother Val Ressureccion as he participated in both degree. We look forward to his participation at our monthly meetings. Thank you of course to Bro. Dan Barth and his wife Elaine as usual, for their help as they are always there to make sure that things go smoothly. Thank you also to Bro. Len White who just makes the paper work come out right. Thank you all.

We held Stations of the Cross on Friday and I thank the many Knights who came out to help with that procession. It began at 10:00 a.m. on Friday the 30th. We had a prediction of snow so instead we made plans to have the procession indoor which worked out very well.

Note that our Executive meeting will be at 6:30 PM on Monday, April 2nd followed by our Council meeting at 7:30 PM.

Anything more will be brought up during my Grand Knight’s report. Thank you Brothers.

My wife Alida and I wish all of you a very wonderful Easter weekend.

Dave Allen ,
Grand Knight


Brother Knights

February was as hectic as I anticipated and I am very grateful for all the Knights {and ladies} who jumped in to help make this month workout so well.

We started off with our usual council meeting followed by our Annual Cribbage Tournament, which was a lot of fun.  This year we had a surprise winner. My humility prevents me from discussing the champion’s play, however there is no surprise that Bro. Dan Barth and Bro Danny Goshaluk were among the top three. Ten players were involved and hopefully we will have 20 next year.

Padre Night on February 8th was a very nice evening with Father Henry and Father Frank attending. Father Paul returned late that evening and although I was to pick him up, I am not quite sure what happened as I went to the airport to retrieve him and did not find him. Thankfully Brother Dan was also there and Father Paul returned safe and sound. Thank you Dan.

The Anointing of the Sick was on Sunday the 11th and we indeed had a continental breakfast after the 11:00 mass.  It would appear that everyone enjoyed that breakfast and I again must say thank you to all the Knights and ladies who stepped up to provide for the sick of our parish. Thank you all.

Tuesday, February 13th was Shrove Tuesday and once again all our favourite cooks and drivers showed up in force to make this event another one of our fun things to do. Our deepest thanks go out to the Blue Flame Kitchen from ATCO where Bro.  Frank Gerritsen’s son, John Paul is a chef and they were very happy to cook and deliver all of our sausages to go with the pancakes, which were provided for lunch to the three schools. Thanks again to Brother Dan and his crew for another successful Shrove Tuesday.

As in past, we have the Stations of the Cross every Friday evening during Lent The Knights lead the stations on February 16th and I thank every Knight who was able to be there to help or just to be there on this very important evening. This will culminate with the Way of the Cross on Good Friday when all parishioners will be invited to participate in the outdoor procession at St. Cecilia along with the Knights and all other organizations in the church. Thank you again Brother Knights.

Our meeting for March will be on the 12th due to the Lenten Retreat, which Father Paul  had arranged for the 5th of March.  This retreat was attended by over 100 parishioners both Monday and Tuesday and Father Julian Studden from St. Albert the Great Parish was the speaker. Father talked about the Word of God on the Monday night with regard to the 3 pillars of Lent, fasting, prayer and sharing. On the Tuesday he spoke on the importance of communion in our lives. It was a wonderful retreat and enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Lastly, Father Paul will be unable to attend our meeting on the Monday, March 12th as he has been asked to do a Lenten retreat in Edmonton on this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. ” Father Paul, when you are reading this bulletin, please know that you will be in our prayers while you are away and that we will say a special prayer at our Council meeting that your Lenten retreat will go especially well. ”

Thank you again all Knights and ladies for all you have done during this very busy month of February. God Bless you All.

Dave Allen , Grand Knight


Brother Knights

While January was a relatively quiet month for us Knights, February will be anything but quiet. For that reason I have decided to focus my report on what is happening in February.

The month will start with our executive meeting on Monday the 5th of February at 6:30 p.m. followed by our meeting at 7:30 p.m. My plan is to move our meeting along quickly to allow time for our annual cribbage tournament so that we can determine this year’s champion.

Thursday evening February 8th is the Padre Night event and anyone wanting to go would need to get tickets from Bro. Dan Barth, if he has any left.

Sunday the 11th of February will be the anointing of the sick and the Knights will provide a continental breakfast after the 11:00 AM mass. Bro. Dan Barth will need help with this and we need to be there for him. Please come to Mass ready to assist.

Tuesday, February 13th is Shrove Tuesday and once again we will be preparing pancakes and sausages for our three schools, namely St. William, St. Matthew and St. Cecilia Ecole. This breakfast will require a lot of help and support and anyone who can help with the preparations will be very appreciated. I am sure Bro. Dan Barth will let us know just what he needs for these breakfasts to work.

On Friday, February 16th Father Paul will begin the Stations of the Cross followed by Mass. The Knights of Columbus have been asked to lead the stations that evening and I look forward to as many Knights as possible to come and take part as well as lend a hand with the procession.

Brother Dan Barth will let us know about Lectures Night, which once again falls on the Family Day holiday.

Brothers, as you can see we have a very busy February. Remember that Ash Wednesday is on the 14th of February which begins the season of Lent and is also Valentine’s Day.

God bless you all during this season of Lent and please open your hearts to the needs of the Knights to help us accomplish our goals.

Dave Allen
Grand Knight


Brother Knights

This has certainly been a very busy December and illustrates why the Knights, like other groups in our church are so important to St. Cecilia’s Parish. There are not too many things going on in our church that don’t have a Knight involved. This particular December Brother Dan Barth has been very busy with all the goings on in our church.

We had a very enjoyable Christmas dinner where Brother Dan and Elaine Barth took responsibility for the turkey dinner and the setting up of the auditorium for said dinner. There were a number of Knights and wives who helped bring it all together and I am very grateful to you all. A special thank you to Sharron Dorscher for providing the ham and to all the ladies who made our dinner so delicious with the variety of food they brought.

We also took this opportunity to say congratulations to our chaplain, Father Paul Raj. He began his 25th year as a priest on the 19th of December and what better place for that to happen but at St. Cecilia’s Parish. At this time I will remind you that Father Paul will leave for India on the 7th of January for one month and his itinerary would suggest that while this is his yearly holiday, relaxing will be the last thing he will be thinking of during this vacation. I am sure we all wish Father Paul a very wonderful 2018 and at least the odd day of relaxation. Father Paul will return on the 8th of February.

Once again our church was and is looking very “Christmasy” and for that I thank everyone who helped with the decorations and setting up of the trees and lights and nativity scenes. Thank you Brother Dan for organizing all the work involved and thank you again to all who participated. It really does look beautiful. Brother Dan will let us know when it is time to take it all down for another year.

This year we have a new light set up in the loft just behind the main crucifix. This light reflects the seasons of the Liturgical Year, be it Christmas, Advent, Lent, Easter or any other time of the year. There is an adjustment period in order to perfect what was done and hopefully it will improve as time goes by. Thank you again to Brother Dan Barth and all who helped with this project.

For those of you who wonder how the renovations in the church office are coming, Brother Dan Barth could keep us informed and probably will. There have been a good number of people involved in this renovation and Brother Frank Gerritsen is another knight to along with Brother Henry Feddema for whom we can and should be very grateful.

There is a large number of parishioners who have been involved in making December a very special time for St. Cecilia’s church and certainly the Knights of Columbus can be very proud of what we accomplish at our parish and our involvement with the plans Father Paul has for this parish.

Once again we distributed poinsettias to our lovely widows and we also took time to visit with some Knights and their wives. Brother Vital Morrissette could be likened to the battery advertised on T.V. that just keeps going and going and going. If that rabbit ever dies, Brother Vital could be a T.V. star.

The C.W.L. put on a very delicious Christmas dinner in the hall and once again we men were invited to partake. I think everyone had a great time and already look forward to next year.

God Bless you ALL for your support and as Grand Knight of our council, I along with my wife Alida wish you all the best in 2018 and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Dave Allen
Grand Knight
P.S. Our next General meeting is at 7:30 PM on the 8th of January and our Executive meeting will be on the same date beginning at 6:30 p.m.


Brother Knights

We begin with the Memorial Mass at St. Luke’s Parish on Thursday, November 9th celebrated with Bishop McGrattan. This Memorial, I thought, was very well attended and my deepest thanks to Sir Knight Frank Gerritsen and all the Fourth Degree Knights dressed in their finest regalia and representing all knights so well. This mass was expected to be special and it certainly was. Council 4878 was well represented by not only our Knights, but also our ladies and widows. Thank you to all who attended.

On the 11th of November we celebrated Remembrance Day Mass. Once again I express my thanks to Sir Knight Frank Gerritsen and all the Fourth Degree Knights who also attended in their finest regalia. My thanks to Father Henry Rosenbaum for celebrating this mass with such great respect for all those who were being remembered for the sacrifices they made on our behalf. Brother Dan Barth was again very instrumental in this mass taking place and the words he spoke and the presentations he prepared for us all reminded us why it is so important to continue honouring Remembrance Day. Thank you Brother Dan for your commitment to this very special day.

Our Lecture Night on Monday, November 20th, was on the topic of recycling regarding our church and how to implement it. Our Knights, ladies of the Catholic Women’s League and a number of other groups from our church listened to a very entertaining and informative talk from the City of Calgary’s spoke person, Laura Hamilton. She was prepared with a short video on little known facts regarding the disposal of our garbage, of which approximately 88% is classified as recycling or composting. We will follow up on this information with a plan to be announced in the near future. Thank you to our Lecturers, Brothers Issac Bernard and Dan Barth.

We are now approaching December’s council meeting on the 4th and our Christmas dinner, which will be on Monday the 18th. All Knights, wives and widows are invited. There will be more information on this in another page of this newsletter.

Our executive meeting will be this Sunday after the 11:00 AM mass. Please let me know if that is a problem for anyone.

As this is our last meeting before Christmas, Alida and I wish everyone a very merry and God filled Christmas and may 2018 be a year of health and wellness for us all. God Bless you All.

Dave Allen
Grand Knight


Brother Knights, wives & widows,

Once again a very busy month started with St. Cecilia’s school and the collection of clothes for the needy. Brother Dan Barth and I helped to sort out clothes intended for distribution and all the Grade six students worked very hard to be ready for the pickup on Thursday the 12th of October. The music was deafening, however we persevered.

Brother Issac Bernard led the Rachel Rosary on Lectures Night with Brother Dan’s help and while there were only 17 in attendance the Rosary was held outside and was very beautiful. Snacks were enjoyed after the Rosary.

The Bishop’s Dinner was held on October 19th and all our tickets were used by Fr. Paul, Fr. Frank, Fr Henry, Dave and Alida Allen, Joe Novakowski, Issac Bernard and Tom Czarnomski. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed a very nice meal. My thanks to Council 4878 for providing the tickets for this dinner. There were 800 in attendance.

The next evening was the football game and there were seven volunteers due to the fact that we no longer participate in the hard liquor booth. Our income was less than usual, however, we all had a great time and a lot of laughs. Our tips were still very good and our next game is November 3rd. That will be the last regular season game and we will have one playoff game, which will be the Western Final. Thank you to all the knights who have helped out so far this season.

We said goodbye to Brother Bill Pankow on the October 19th and while he had not been involved in our activities due to his health, he was a very good Knight and an exceptional Grand Knight. Memories of his involvement in our council will be in our thoughts for a very long time.

We were fortunate to find some excellent office furniture due to Bel’s efforts and Brothers Dan Barth, Frank Gerritsen, Henry Feddema and I were able to get that furniture delivered to our church. We worked very hard and are very grateful for Bels’s help in securing this furniture for our church office renovations. Brothers Frank, Dan and Henry worked very diligently to dismantle the furniture in preparation for transporting. My thanks to all three Brothers.

We had our Stewardship Sunday on the 28th and 29th of October and received information on three prospective Knights. I will be contacting them and hopefully have them in for the first degree as soon as possible. Thank you to all the Knights who came out and helped with talking to all those we met who might be interested in joining the Knights.

I may have more to say at our next meeting on the 6th of November but just a reminder that the Memorial Mass is at St. Luke’s Parish on THURSDAY, November 9th to remember all the Knights who have passed away in the last year. Our attendance at this Mass is very important. Please remember this date. The mass will be at 7:00 PM. Thank you Brothers.

Our executive meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on the 6th of November.

Thank you Brothers and see you on November 6th. God Bless You All.

Dave Allen,
Grand Knight


Brother Knights, wives & widows

This has been a busy month. On September 5th we had our installation of officers and the turnout for officers was excellent. District Deputy Michael Subasic took charge and as usual made us all feel very proud. Thank you Bro. Michael.

Our general meeting was the next day and it was a little longer in order to cover our summer months. Thank you all for your patience.

We said goodbye to Kevin and Heidi Lopresti, which turned out to be a very pleasant afternoon and now we try to carry on as usual. It’s not easy to lose a Brother Knight like Kevin, however we will pick up the slack and find five or six knights to replace him. We wish them every bit of good fortune and I am sure we will see them again. Thank you Kevin and Heidi.

Please keep Father Paul in your prayers and his exceptional friend whom he grew up with, Father Xavier. He passed away after a very serious stroke. Father Paul was with him in Vancouver when he died and is now on his way to India where Father Xavier will be put to rest. He was only 53 years old.

We have had two football games so far this month and a third one coming up on the September 29th. These games are our fundraiser and we need all the help and support we can get. These funds are also very lucrative for our council. Thank you to all who have been helping so far this year. We have only three games to go.

Brother Mike Driscoll continues to do a great job with our gift cards and will also have Charities Appeal tickets available for sale at the church after all Sunday masses. Any brothers who can help with the sale of tickets for this worthy cause, would be welcome to sit with Mike at any of the weekend masses. Tickets should be available at Monday’s general meeting. This will also be a great opportunity to sell Grey Cup tickets at the same time. Thank you Brothers.

On September 16th we celebrated our annual Lorne Dowling Bursary awards and were very fortunate to meet these young students who were so well deserving of their individual award. Our guest speaker was Dr. Peter Baltutis from St. Mary’s University. He spoke very well and as an assistant professor at the University his remarks were a very excellent indication of why he is where he is. Thank you again, Dr. Baltutis. Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed this entertaining evening. My thanks to the ladies not just for their attendance but for all they do for us Knights.

On Monday Brother Henry Feddema will speak on a special event that happened this week and something that we can all be proud of. My special thanks to Brother Dan Barth who was such a great help to me this month and for the help he will be giving to our newest Lecturer, Brother Issac Bernard.
I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on October 2nd.

Vivat Jesu
Dave Allen
Grand Knight


Brother Knights

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is raring to go for this Columbian year, 2017-18.
Just to remind you of how busy we were this summer since our last meeting in June, here is a synopsis:
We have volunteered at six football games, on June 17th enjoyed our Grand Knights Ball at the Carriage House Hotel where we saw the attendance of knights, wives, widows and guests totalling eighty-five including fourteen widows. How wonderful it was to see so many attend. Thank you all for such great support of the K of C. You will note the award winners on another page.

June 11th we were very pleased to distribute fifty one rosaries to the First Communion children and enjoyed cake, hotdogs and ice cream after the Mass.

Brothers Henry, Dan and I looked after the West Side Coop at McMahon Stadium on June 11th and were rewarded with a fantastic afternoon of fun and of course the tips from that event.

Corpus Christie was on the 18th of June and as usual there was no shortage of Knights for the procession at the various stations around the church parking lot. This is a beautiful celebration and very important to Father Paul. Again we enjoyed hotdogs and ice cream in the main hall.

On the 23rd of June we were invited to Sacramental Recognition at St. Cecilia School and while I was unable to attend, we were well represented by Bro. Dan Barth, Bro. Mike Abday and Bro. Fred Bremner. Thank you Brothers. A Certificate of Appreciation is shown elsewhere.

On June 27th we attended the First Degree at St. Patrick’s Church where we joined in welcoming our newest Knights, Sebastian Correa and Ken Moan from St. Cecilia’s and Joel Chute our newest Seminarian who we will support while he is in Nebraska for his studies. Congratulations to our three newest Knights.

On July 10th we held our Annual Stampede Breakfast, which was well attended and as usual, lived up to its reputation as one of the best breakfasts in the city. Thank you to everyone who came out and worked setting up tents and barbeques, tables and chairs, cooked all the delicious food and kept everyone laughing, smiling and having a good ole time. Thank you very much to Bro. Dan Barth as always for organizing the whole event. The “Walk in the Park” with Brian Thibeault from Nova Scotia, father of our church secretary Christine and Kristin Kosbey from Istanbul, Turkey brought on many cheers and the arrival of the fire engine and four firemen was an added feature of interest as many took time to visit with the firemen and have a tour of the engine.

I am looking forward to this Columbian Year as I am planning to focus on membership. Again I ask that my Brother Knights assist in this endeavour. Let us make this year a year to remember.

I would like to say thank you to all the brothers and wives who have helped over the summer with all the events I have mentioned and possibly some events I may have missed. Thank you to all.

Our first meeting is on Wednesday September 7th at 7:30 P.M. due to the long weekend and our first Executive meeting will be held at 6:00 P.M. just before the regular meeting.

Dave Allen
Grand Knight