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Archbishop Monahan Council 4878

Archbishop Monahan Council 4878 was founded on November 16, 1959. The Council works closely with St. Cecilia’s Parish in Calgary. The Council raises funds and provides volunteer labour for various projects at the parish and the community level.

The Grand Knight for 2016-2017 is Dave Allen.


Business meetings are held twice a month, the 1st and 3rd Monday, at 7:30 pm. The 1st Monday is the regular meeting and the 3rd Monday is the lecturer’s program.
Our council hosts a large number of council activities throughout the year. Annual activities include: the Lorne Dowling Bursary Award Ceremony, the Grand Knight’s Ball and 3 Parish breakfasts.

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FrPaulRaj copy

The month of October is a very important month because we began the month with the Feast of Theresa of the Child Jesus who is known for her little way. Then we have on the 4th the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, who is known for his love of God’s wonderful creation. We will also be celebrating Thanksgiving Day in this month.

Like St. Theresa, give thanks for every little blessing we received from the Lord and like St. Francis, do not forget to be grateful to God for the wonderful creation which he has made. Finally do not forget to thank God for being a Knight and for all the wonderful works we do as Knights.

Thank you Lord for making me a Knight.

Fr. Paul Raj



Brother Knights,

On the 16th of September the parish invited a guest to our church to speak about stewardship. He spoke at 3:00, 5:00 and 7:00 pm and there were a total of 33 parishioners to listen to a very informative discussion as to how we should attempt to involve the parishioners in the numerous responsibilities and needs of our church. Unfortunately we fell short of the numbers we hoped would attend.  Hopefully we will have a better turnout for our Membership Drive in October.

On the 19th of September we had our Lorne Dowling Bursaries and 4 deserving students each received $1000.00.

A huge thank you to Dr Gerry Turcotte, the President of St. Mary’s University for his wonderful talk designed to encourage these students to reach for the top. It is always a great evening when we have someone of Dr. Turcotte’s calibur to speak to these young kids. Thank you also to everyone who helped to make this evening a success.

We had another couple of football games and I am grateful to all those who volunteer, however we could certainly use a few more volunteers so some of us could get a break. Please think about what you might be able to do to help us all out.

We have an open House in October at which time I hope to have a number of knights to help with some ideas that I have. I will keep you informed.  Thank you Brothers.

Dave Allen

Grand Knight